Participation. Involvement. Giving Back.

PSC McKenna Hampton recognise that we’re an intrinsic part of the community in which we operate. That’s why we’re passionately involved in our local communities through the support and engagement in community initiatives, local charities and sporting events.

Whether it’s donating money or resources to initiatives through to assisting local not-for-profit organisations and small businesses with risk mitigation, promotion and business development, we pride ourselves in giving something back to the community that supports us.

We’re also part of the PSC Foundation that supports our staff in their own community initiatives and passion.

PSC Foundation: Supporting our people’s endeavours.

The PSC Foundation was set up as a way to help our staff in their philanthropic and community endeavours around the world. Our primary purpose is to build upon the amazing contributions our people make in the different communities where they live, work and support.

Over the years, our people have made considerable contributions in donations and countless hours of time volunteering for a range of community organisations and it is the PSC Foundation’s aim to help anyone from within our group to be able to give back to the community and to society.

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