Company Profile

Accredited Professional Risk Specialists

PSC McKenna Hampton Insurance Brokers is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Professional Services Corporation Pty Ltd with an Australian Financial Services Licence No 305491 under the Corporations Act 2001.

We are authorised to advise and deal in general insurance products to wholesale and retail clients.

Our Mission and Values

As a licensed General Insurance Broker, we act in the best interests of our client - not insurance companies. We work to ensure that our clients receive a fair and reasonable assessment of their needs by the insurance industry. This approach has helped us to build our reputation as a professional, innovative and soundly managed broker.

Accountability and Responsibility:

Our shareholders actually work in the business – this means that they’re responsible for, and affected by, our financial results. This ensures that you, as our client, are taken care of because they have an active interest in ensuring the needs of all clients are properly negotiated and finalised.

Access to Australian and International Underwriters:

We have total access to all underwriters in the Australian market, Lloyds of London and other overseas markets. As an Australian company we are therefore ultimately aware of all local conditions, international trends and the needs of our clients.

Principal Operating Entity: PSC McKenna Hampton Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

ABN: 67 154 828 332