Film & Entertainment Insurance

The Film and Entertainment Industry is a unique business sector and as such demands a very specific type of insurance cover. Entertainment is big business. Investment in film productions and large-scale events incur significant risk for investors and producers. Ensuring well crafted Film and Entertainment Insurance cover protects investors and organisers in case of mishap, injury or unforeseen circumstances.

Film Production Insurance

Film Production Insurance includes protection that not only covers physical property but also insures extra expenses arising from illness or injury to crew, cast members, loss or damage to production media or problems arising from property damage.

For example, a major international actor appearing in a local Australian production suffers a twisted ankle on set. Film Production Insurance would cover not only the medical expenses but delays to filming.

PSC McKenna Hampton provides insurance solutions for a wide variety of film productions including:

  • Television productions
  • Feature films and documentaries
  • TV commercials
  • Music videos
  • Educational films
  • Corporate or institutional productions
  • Still photographers

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Entertainment & Event Liability Insurance

If you’re an event organiser, a band manager or a PA operator then Entertainment and Event Liability Insurance is critical to your success as a business.

PSC McKenna Hampton has specific experience and a wide breadth of knowledge to offer customised insurance solutions for organisers of professional and amateur sports events, awards shows, concerts, exhibitions, seminars and trade shows.

We‘ll tailor Entertainment and Event Liability insurance for your event including both standard and specialty coverage to protect in event of:

  • Property damage
  • Event cancellation
  • Telecast interruption

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