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Know Risk

Policy Record Tracker

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The Know Risk Insurance Tracker is a simple way to keep all of your insurance information in one place, so that when you need to update your insurance, or make a claim, the information is at your fingertips. Insurance Tracker is compatible with all insurance companies across the market so that you don’t need to use a different app for every policy that you have.

Key features:

  • Keep all your policy information in one place, including contact details of your insurance company when it’s needed most.
  • Scheduled reminders to review your insurance policies as well as renew them.
  • Create an easy to use inventory of all of your household items simply by taking photos with your phone.
  • Inventory can be forwarded to your insurance providers or family members via email.
  • Access everywhere—Insurance Tracker backs up all of your details securely in the cloud and can be accessed from any computer.

LMI Mobile

Commercial Property Building Sum Insured Calculator

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LMi Mobile Apps is a suite of mobile tools that includes calculators, research tools and training materials, developed by the LMI Group for the benefit of insurance professionals.

The world’s first mobile under-insurance calculator, LMi Mobile Under-insurance Calculator, was the first release in this suite of mobile tools, and LMI Group was pleased to provide this app for your use, with our compliments.

LMI Group now adds to this valuable app, the newly developed LMi Mobile Building Cost Calculator. For your convenience, this calculator has been incorporated into the LMI Mobile App download, meaning that you only need the one download for access to both calculators - now that’s convenient!