Mining / Oil & Gas Insurance

Insurance for Australian and International Mining Ventures

Insurance for the mining industry is a complex and broad undertaking. Many variables and a constantly changing marketplace need to be taken into consideration to reduce risk and ensure profitability.

PSC McKenna Hampton provides a wide scope of insurance products for all mining including oil and gas companies in Australia and across the globe. Our expertise in mining insurance has grown through our adaptability to the changing needs of our clients. This enables us to offer your company a wide scope of insurance products including customised risk protection.

Our mining clients.

Our clients in the mining industry include a broad range of mining companies in Australia and Internationally:

  • Surface and underground mining ventures
  • Services to Mining
  • Precious metal and non-metal mines
  • Coal and gas

Our Mining Industry Insurance Policies.

We offer a very wide range of Insurance products that can be fully tailored to your company, your area of expertise and your region:

  • Industrial Special Risks: Protects your assets against Accidental Loss or Damage at the situation
  • General Property Insurance: Accidental Loss or Damage for portable equipment & plant anywhere in Australia
  • Public & Products Liability Insurance: protects your mining operation against liability claims that may result from accidents or injuries that occur as result of business activities, including accidental damage to property owned or controlled by someone else. Contactual Liability can be included
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: provides protection from potential claims and disputes, which may lead to expensive or time-consuming litigation.
  • Management Liability Insurance: protects company directors and officers for legal liability they may incur personally in managing a corporation, and also extends to the corporation itself for specific types of claims.
  • Workers’ Compensation: reduce workplace injuries and achieve sustainable return to work outcomes with Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Includes tailored, flexible and responsive injury and claims management services, and premiums that encourage and reward workplace safety and positive claims outcomes.
  • Contractors Mobile Plant, Equipment & Motor Vehicles

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