Workers Compensation Claim

In the event of an employee injury please follow the steps below to ensure correct and swift processing of the claim for you and your employee.

  1. Ensure that employee obtains first aid and reports the injury to the employer
  2. It is preferable for the employee to see a doctor of your choice if possible, however the choice is the employees & they can see their own doctor, as soon as possible and obtain a medical certificate. This is known as a First Certificate of Capacity in the Workers’ Compensation system.   
  3. Contact us by phone, e-mail or by completing the below form & submitting to our office & provide details of the incident. An employee’s form (2B) & an Employer’s form will be e-mailed to you immediately
  4. Fully complete both forms & return (scan/fax) to us together with the First Medical Certificate & any related accounts. Claims can not be submitted to Insurers without both forms & the medical certificate being received 
  5. You are required to complete & return these forms to our office within 3 working days of receiving the claim form from the employee.
  6. The insurer then has 14 days to assess the claim

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